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Me: Sharon Gutowski
My Grandma Dunlap died Wednesday at 10:45 a.m. at the age of 91.  I'll write more later.

Edit:  The obituary is here (Mary Louise Dunlap).  That is an old picture of her, probably the picture she gave them when she made the arrangements 20 years ago.  Seriously, she took care of her funeral arrangements 20 years ago because she didn't want to be a burden.


I'm sorry. On the bright side, that's nearly a century of a life. That's not an accomplishment, that's a feat.

I agree completely, especially since I knew her and saw what she went through.

So far, it's not really hitting me, but I have a feeling it will on Sunday or Monday.

My comment on Twitter


2009-07-27 03:20 am (UTC)

OH geez, you're correct---I shouldn't have used that word and I'm going on Twitter to take it back---in fact I'm going to delete the whole comment. Forgive me---I should know better, as I, too, have worked with special needs people. I'm sorry---please forgive me.

Sign, Bo

My comment on Twitter


2009-07-27 03:23 am (UTC)

It's gone, okay? Thank you for showing me I was an ass. I should have known better, but I've been under stress today and lost my mind. (BOY, have I lost my mind.....)

Your grandmother


2009-07-27 03:52 am (UTC)

I'm really sorry about your grandmother. I lost one of mine recently. She had Alzheimers and didn't know us in the end. And I lost a great-grandmother as well. In her last years, she thought she saw "wagon trains" in the distance. She said that's how they traveled in those days. I loved both of them so much, but my parents' careers kept us overseas, causing me to miss most of my growing-up years with them. I sure would have liked to spend more time with them. I will pray for you---and once again, please forgive me for my bad choice of words before. Much as Yarn Harlot's people think I am a total idiot, I really am a very normal person. I feel strongly about certain things and have been known to overreact.


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